Karen is a fully qualified teacher specializing in the two areas she works in professionally: voice and comedy.

Recent workshops include:


(Mountview. East 15, Drama Studio London, Central School of Speech & Drama, ISSA, The Actor’s Centre)

Intensive courses in writing and performing sketches & live character comedy, and in acting for film, sketch shows, sitcoms & comedy plays.

“Very much enjoyed today Found it extremely useful and it has cleared up a lot of questions I had, and it is something I very much want to pursue. The games in the morning helped the class feel confident and broke down any self conscious feelings. The camera work helped me understand the differences between TV comedy and Live comedy”

“Hi Karen! I just wanted to say that I had so much fun in the work shop! The camera work was also incredibly useful as I have never done comedy on camera before and I learnt a lot. The direction you gave us was very subtle but some how you managed to bring out the comedy in all of us! I thought the scenes were very well chosen for a class of people who are trained actors but have more stage experience than screen! I would love to do television comedy and feel that the workshop gave me a great foundation for future comedy work. Thanks!”

“This was a very helpful experience for me, as I don’t necessarily consider myself to be a “comedic actor” This workshop was very helpful and has given me confidence and to tackle comedy scripts.”


(Mountview, Freelance, London Academy of Media, Film & TV, The Actor’s Centre)

An interactive voice-over course, which covers all areas of recorded media, (including radio plays. video games, animation, series narration, audio books, ADR, commercials & continuity), and includes additional professional tips.

“Really learned a lot in a short space of time. Feel more confident looking for work in this particular part if the industry, have got a much clearer idea of what works and what doesn’t in voice over”

“VERY useful as it’s a subject I knew nothing at all about; technically (as in how what you do when recording a voice) and practically (the vast amount of work there available and how varied that work can be). I hadn’t considered and it is so different to radio work. Thanks!”

“I’ve found this series of classes very valuable (and a lot of fun!). Having the opportunity to “road test” some different voices on mic, and start to explore my strengths, has been really helpful. Practically speaking, I feel like I’m in a better position now to go into a professional studio for an audition or a job. Thank you!”


(Mind UK)

Karen is currently working with Mind UK (the mental Health charity), to develop a full length “Comedy For Stress Management” course. She also teaches “Comedy in NLP” with Harley Street Therapist, Laura Spicer.

“What a great learning experience. A brilliant introduction on how to inject humour and comedy into my work. I am looking forward to an expanded course of learning these skills.”

“What a brilliant way to spend a day. The whole day was a lot of fun with plenty of laughs had by everyone. I took away from the day some great ideas for making light of situations I might have unnecessarily found serious otherwise and how to use humour in real life situations, work situations and relationships.”

“For someone who ‘doesn’t do humour’, I have probably laughed more today than for the whole of the last year! The most important thing I learnt is that the key to humour is your own state – that it is less about what you say and more about the way you say it. I will go away from here with the intention of becoming more ‘playful'”

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